About Us

We are an on campus group which seeks to inform, discuss, and disseminate knowledge on abortion.

Pro-life work is not for the faint of heart; it is not for the timid; it is not for the minimalist. It is for the individual who has courage—someone willing to acknowledge the existence of his or her fears and act anyway. It is for the individual who is prepared to do what most needs to be done. It is for the individual who can make wise decisions about what is effective, efficient, and strategic. It is for the individual who embraces sacrifice and persecution as part of the price which comes with establishing social reform. In fact, this is the true spirit of what it means to be pro-life: to recognize the inherent dignity of the other and to put the needs of the other before oneself. The more the movement lives out that attitude of love, the more it will catch on in society. There is good news and this is it: the pro-life movement can win. We have the truth. We have the strategy. We have the people. There is only one need: the will—